Career change & Development

Career Change & Development

In this program you will be inspired and prepared in finding a new job on the current labor market. Before you will start your job search it is important that you realize what your preferred future role or job looks like. We will mirror your qualities and skillset and translate these into a professional CV and the best way to present your self in an interview.

This workshop consists of the following 3 subjects:

Personal branding

  • Recognize your own qualities and competencies
  • From re-active to pro-active
  • Circle of influence
  • Organizational fit

Get the job

  • What is the right job for you?
  • Which company culture suits you?
  • 7 Steps to a new job

How to apply effectively

  • What does a distinctive CV look like?
  • How to write a letter of application
  • Social media, Linked In, Twitter
  • Networking
  • Interview training

Length Workshop: 1.5 days (spread over 2 days)