Leading Change

Do you control change? or Is change controlling you?

A structured approach to help managers lead in change. Creating and facilitating more self awareness, self leadership, leading others and leading teams through change processes effectively. Connecting individual, team and the organization.


to provide individuals and teams with tools and insights that help to deal with, manage and drive change. It will help to better understand, act, influence and collaborate in change. Accelerates learning curve and helps to see and act on opportunities in change.

Main subjects:
1. How do you deal  with uncertainty and changes as a team?
2. How as a leader do you guide your team without being able to give all the answers?
3. How do you (as an individual or team)get the courage to create your own conditions for success?


I am impressed the company is taking this initiative and I think its very good.
It gives me insight to step back and better understand colleagues around me.
Very positive, I can take many things and apply them directly in my work.
Its very important to know what my other colleagues have to say, to know how they see changes and deal with it.
The change management session was very helpful to:
“Help people understand the different phases that everyone goes through with major changes.
“To start to challenge mindsets/to be more open for change.